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  • Friendly environment
    Marine indsutry
    • GW series
    • GV series
    • GC series
    • GA/GQ series
    • Ocean engineering
    • Coupling & Damper
    Energy indsutry
    • Wind power
    • Solar power
    • Thermal power
    • Nuclear power
    Friendly environment
    • HP roller press
    • Shredder
    Cement industry
    • Vertical mill gearbox
    • Roller press gearbox
    • Ball mill gearbox
    • Rotary kiln gearbox
    Metallurgy indstury
    • Hot-rolled mill gearbox
    • Cold-rolled mill gearbox
    • Rod-Wire mill gearbox
    Hydraulic engineering industry
    • Inclined ship lifte
    • Vertical Ship lifter
    Rail transit industry
    • Turnout
    • Tramcar
    • Monorail
    • Subway
    Mining industry
    • Heading driving gearbox
    • Continuous mining gearbox
    • Travellin gearbox
    Petrochemical industry
    • Shale gas
    • High speed gearbox
    • Multi-shaft Compressor gear
    • universal gearbox
    HP roller press


    As a complete set of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic equipment, the high-pressure roller mill adopts the principle of high-pressure material layer crushing. It is mainly appliable in crushing and grinding of materials with compressive strength less than 300MPa, protodyakonov scale of hardness within 5-16 and humidity less than 10%, and is featured by large crushing ratio, fine discharging particle size, output increase and consumption reduction.If the material undergoes high-pressure extrusion, a large number of cracks will be generated inside, and the Bond work index will be reduced, which can effectively reduce the grinding power consumption of the subsequent mill.



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